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New York

Dubbed the cultural capital of the world, New York City is the largest city in the United States and one of the most influential economic centers in the world. Having more than 40 million visitors every year, many of New York City’s features have become iconic and are widely recognized all around the world: The Empire State building, the stunning Time Square, the Central Park and the magnificent Statue of Liberty are some of the most important symbols of modern culture. New York City’s iconic skyline is one of the most well known around the world for its architectural diversity and impressive amount of skyscrapers. New York City hosts some of the largest and most impressive museums, art gallery’s, shopping centers and parks in the world. Even more spectacular is the Broadway Theatrical District offering some of the world’s leading theatrical shows. Finally New York City offers an incredible selection of impeccable restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

San Francisco

Located in the west coast of the United States on a long Peninsula facing the Pacific Ocean, San Francisco is the second most densely-populated city in the US after New York. San Francisco is famous for the steep hills that are spread across it, the iconic cable cars, the stunning parks and the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge. The island of Alcatraz right in the San Francisco Bay is one of the most famous and legendary prisons in history, attracting over 1.5 million visitors every year. San Francisco offers an impressive amount of museums, galleries, theaters as well as several famous beaches which are especially popular among fans of surfing. Finally San Francisco offers an incredible nightlife with many awesome and diverse bars and clubs; in several districts these venues are closely packed together allowing visitors to walk from one to another in no time.


Described as one of the greatest cities in the world, Chicago has shaped the world of music with its influence in the Blues and Jazz, it has impressively contributed in the field of Architecture and is considered one of the most globally prominent economic centers. Chicago has one of the most spectacular skylines in the United States, with the characteristic Willis and Trump Towers being the tallest in the nation. The city offers an incredible nightlife with a plethora of clubs and stunning bars that are available in every part of the city. The city offers impeccable dining options that along with its unparalleled architecture create a majestic experience. Finally Chicago has an outstanding amount of world-class museums, a collection of stunning public art as well as some incredible public parks.

Las Vegas

Nicknamed the “entertainment capital of the world” and the “Sin City”, Las Vegas has long been famous for its staggering casinos, its glamorous hotels, the fine dining and the vibrant nightlife. As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Las Vegas has been developed to satisfy the entertainment needs of its visitors: The famous casinos, with most of them located in downtown Las Vegas, offer an experience like no other in the world. The jaw-dropping hotels and impeccable restaurants enhance the experience of luxury even further. However gambling and eating is not the only thing Las Vegas has to offer; there are numerous other activities including indoor sky-diving, helicopter tours, exotic car racing schools and many more. Finally another industry that thrives in Las Vegas is adult entertainment, with countless shows offered in numerous places across the city.


Dubbed the “Theme Park Capital of the World”, Orlando is home to a staggering amount of theme parks, conference halls and hotels. Orlando attracts over 40 million visitors every year, out of which more than 3 million are international tourists. Probably the most popular attraction of the city is the Walt Disney World, including four magnificent theme parks, two spectacular water parks, along with numerous other attractions such as the stunning DownTown Disney. However this is not the only highlight of the city: Orlando is also the home of Universal Orlando Resort, which includes two phenomenal theme parks, and SeaWorld, one of the most breathtaking marine animal entertainment parks, and many more. Finally it is important to highlight that Orlando is the second most popular convention and conference destination in the United states.

Washington D.C.

As the capital of the United States, Washington D.C. is the most prestigious and monumental city in the country. Although the city from its inception was purposed to revolve only around politics, it has grew to represent the history of a nation: D.C. is dubbed to be home to seven out of the ten most architecturally beautiful buildings in the country, all with a great diversity in architectural styles. Additionally the immense amount of spectacular monuments (the majority of which are located in the National Mall), breathtaking museums and majestic parks definitely make it one of the most impressive tourist destinations in the world. Even though it used to be considered fairly boring, the past few years have led Washington D.C. to turn into one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the country, with great sopping options, impeccable dining and a vibrant nightlife.


Nicknamed the “Athens of America” for its incredible historic influence and democratic spirit, Boston is the birthplace and the most important city of the American Revolution; it is therefore not surprising the fact that it has an abundance of historic monuments that will astonish every visitor. Additionally the plethora of fantastic museums, art galleries, impressive sports events of Boston’s phenomenal teams, and striking live art performances and concerts make Boston one of the most tremendous and extraordinary cities to visit. Boston’s diverse and beautiful architecture is visible through  its entire skyline: with a combination of magnificent Greek Revival and Federal style buildings spread between the modern skyscrapers. A fine dinner, a cocktail or a beer Boston’s famous bars, a walk through its majestic parks, and a visit to the Charles river and the beautiful Boston Harbour are all activities that shouldn’t be missed.


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