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Standing right on the meeting point of two continents and joining two seas is the city of Istanbul; one of the largest cities in the world and the economical, cultural and historical center of Turkey. The beauty of Istanbul lies in the deep history that is reflected through its streets: The majestic Byzantine and Ottoman architecture that molds its image, along with the numerous Roman and Genoese buildings found throughout the city reveal the cultural complexity of Istanbul. The city has a plethora of attractions ranging from many museums and galleries, to monuments such as the Impeccable church of Hagia Sophia, the beautiful Sultan Ahmed Mosque or the impressive Galata Tower.


Located in the south western part of Anatolia, Antalya is the largest international sea resort in Turkey. Because of the region’s rich history with influence from ancient Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans, Antalya has numerous sites of ancient ruins and a intricate architecture: All this along with the region’s warm climate made Antalya especially appealing to tourists, millions of who now visit the city in a yearly basis. Antalya hosts a plethora of shopping centers, restaurants and resorts, many of which are situated in the city’s stunning beaches. Popular places to visit include the traditional Old quarter (Kaleiçi) and the impressive Düden falls. Finally it is important to highlight Antalya’s vivid nightlife.


Located in the western coast of Turkey, Marmaris used to be a small fishing village which in the last 30 years underwent rapid development to become one of the most popular tourist destinations of Turkey. Attracting  eight times more tourists than its own population, it is obvious that this small town holds staggering beauty and vivid lifestyle. Marmaris offers several stunning beaches with crystal clear waters and fine sand that are perfect for a relaxing holiday. Additionally captivating cruises are available that take you through the striking shoreline, the regions ancient ruins and the majestic turquoise coves. Finally the plethora of bars and clubs of Marmaris mold the very vibrant nightlife of the town that doesn’t end until the very early hours of the morning.


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