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Spain is located in the southwestern part of Europe and with the city of Madrid being the country’s capital. The climate is considered Mediterranean characterized mainly by dry and warm summers. Today the climate, historical and cultural monuments make Spain’s main national industry tourism with high ranking hotels compared to other parts of Europe. Spain’s architecture has been influenced by the country’s history consisting of Greek – Roman and Arabic trends. Their cuisine consists mainly of seafood available from the surrounding sea and along with the history that has also been a great influence to their everyday cuisine.


Majorca is an island located in the Mediterranean Sea and is the largest island of the Balearic Island complex. Is has over 2500 restaurants according to the tourist board ranging from small bars to fully equipped restaurants. Even though it is an island unfortunately seafood is imported as olives and almonds are part of the typical Majorcan diet.  The island consists of many beaches with warm weather and is largely recommended for tourism. Majorca is the capital of the Palma, and as all Mediterranean islands it is an extremely popular holiday destination.


Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean Sea just off the coast of the City of Valencia in Spain. This relatively small island has become world famous for their tourism, nightlife and the electronic music that the island has originated. The island’s summer night life attracts large numbers of tourists. Ibiza is also the home of the legendary “port” situated in the Town. Of course being an island it is surrounded by beautiful beaches and hotels.


Tenerife is the largest and most populated island of the seven Canary Islands with a population of 908,555. It is a volcanic built island with eruptions throughout the island’s history. The island is considered one of the major tourist destinations in the world especially in the south part of the island which is hotter and drier and of course has many resorts to accommodate visitors. There are also many monuments you can visit on the island dated from the time after the conquest and with a variety of museums of different natures. Their cuisine consists mainly of very delicious seafood.


Barcelona is the 2nd largest city in Spain with a population of 1,621,537. One of the world’s leading tourist, trade fair/exhibition and cultural-sports centers in the world. Many of the buildings in the city date back to medieval times and some as far back as Roman settlements. The city has a number of museums covering different areas and eras, it also consists of many parks and a number of beaches with of course some of the top ten beaches in the world. Barcelona is an internationally renowned tourist destination.


Being Spain’s capital city is has a population estimated to be around 6.5 million. It is the 3rd largest city in the European Union. Many of the historical buildings were built during the reign of Hapsburgs. The streets of Madrid alone are considered being a museum of outdoor sculpture. Madrid is considered one of Europe’s best destinations in regards to art museums. Most of the tourist attractions are in the old town. This European city offers the famous bullfighting arena with bull fights taking place in the beginning of March and ending in October.


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