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Being one of the most popular and renowned tourist destinations in the world, Cancun is located in the southeastern part of Mexico, in the state of Quintana Roo. The hot tropical climate of the area has very small temperature differences between all seasons, making it perfect for vocation at any time of the year. Cancun’s beautiful Caribbean beaches with their mesmerizing turquoise waters will not fail impress even the most demanding. The plethora of magnificent Mayan archeological sites will be more than enough to keep you busy during the day, while the countless cosmopolitan bars and nightclubs will keep you even busier at night.

Playa del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen, located in the Yucatan peninsula along the Caribbean Sea, used to be a small fish town which in the last few years underwent rapid development as a result of the aggressively increasing tourism of the area. Despite this development Playa Del Carmen has conserved its beautiful style, of a small artistic fishing town. The numerous archeological sites nearby are great attraction of tourist who want to take a close look of the fascinating Mayan civilization. However as the name suggest, Playa Del Carmen is all about the beaches: the fine white sand and the wonderful turquoise waters are ideal for people who enjoy relaxing on the beach until the sun sets, while the numerous beach bars and restaurants offer more than its needed on the spot.

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a renowned resort city located in Bahia de Banderas Mexico. Its tropical savannah climate with the distinct wet and dry seasons make it almost intolerable during the summer months, but a perfect destinations for the months of November till March. Puerto Vallarta was put on the map for tourists by its appearance in numerous movies, resulting in a continuously increasing interest that transformed it into the resort city it is now. Attracting thousands of people from the US, it is especially popular among people from the west coast because of its proximity and direct flights that are frequently available. Puerto Vallarta offers to visitors a large number of landmarks, beaches and festivals; attracting also many LGBT tourists  as it is dubbed the most gay-friendly city in Mexico.


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