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As one of the most beautiful winter destinations in the Balkans, Bansko has been constantly gaining reputation in the past few years as an extraordinary winter resort town. With over 75 kilometers of stunning ski slopes surrounded by the majestic pine forest, Bansko is a spectacular destination for anyone who is interested in any winter sport, ranging from skiing and snowboarding, to sleighing and hiking. However the regions natural beauty is not all Bansko has to offer: The town itself is a very picturesque cluster of alpine-style buildings, with wooden features and traditional roofs. With an increasing number of accommodation, shopping and dining options this is the perfect place for a world-class and affordable winter vacation.



As the capital city and the cultural, political and economic center of Bulgaria Sofia is one of the most popular destinations in the country and one of the oldest capitals in Europe. Sofia is very popular among visitors for its combination of European and Communist style architecture. The city is home to a plethora of wonderful museums, monuments and other points of interest, among which is the famous Alexander Nevsky Cathedral; a symbol of Bulgaria itself. Sofia’s many majestic parks -with the most magnificent being Borisova Gradina- offer an incredible place for a relaxing walk. Finally the city hosts numerous cosmopolitan and luxury shops, restaurants and bars appealing to any taste.

Sunny Beach


Located on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria and just north of the city of Burgas, Sunny Beach is the largest beach resort and the most popular holiday destination in the country. Especially popular among European tourists who are looking for a more affordable holiday option, Sunny Beach underwent rapid development in the past decade and it is now home to more than 200 hotels and 130 restaurants. The town is particularly famous for its vibrant nightlife, which is molded by the numerous parties, bars and clubs of the area. Some other attractions include two incredible water parks and the historical site of Nessebar which is situated nearby.


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