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Rio de Janeiro

Nicknamed as the “Marvelous City”, Rio de Janeiro is the third largest city in the southern hemisphere and the second largest in Brazil. Its warm tropical savannah climate is the perfect reason for both residents and tourists to spend as much time possible on the 80 kilometers of beautiful beaches that Rio offers. Rio’s marvelous landscape is characterized by the mountain peaks and hills that reach up to the shore; however its defining characteristic is the statue of Christ the Redeemer on top of Corcovado mountain, which is one of the new seven wonders of the world. Rio is the most popular tourist destination in Brazil, hosting an immense amount of sport events and festivals that attract millions of visitors. Followed by the extraordinary new years eve celebrations, Rio’s carnival is the most famous festival in Brazil, attracting more than 2 million people each day.


Dubbed Brazil’s ‘Capital of Happiness’, Salvador is unsurprisingly famous for its incredible street parties. It also hosts the largest street Carnival in the world with more than 4 million people partying on the streets throughout a whole week. Salvador’s tropical rainforest climate maintains high temperatures all year around, letting residents and tourist enjoy the 80 kilometers of beaches in their entirety. Salvador is known for its beautiful Portuguese colonial architecture which is protected as an UNESCO world heritage site. Finally the region’s cuisine is widely famous not only around Brazil, but also internationally; it is greatly appreciated for its incredible spicy seafood dishes which have strong African influences.

São Paolo

São Paolo is not only the largest city in Brazil but also in the whole southern hemisphere, with a population of almost 20 million. The climate is humid subtropical, with hot summers and warm winters; it is however especially known for its erratic weather and abundant rainfall throughout the year. São Paolo’s landscape is filled with impressive skyscrapers that represent the city’s cultural and economic growth. Visitors of the city can enjoy a tremendous number of parks, museums, theaters, music/concert halls, and many more sights that will definitely require more than one visit to the city to exhaust. Finally the events and festivals that are hosted throughout the year are as spectacular as the city itself; just a few of those characteristic events are: the world famous Brazilian Carnival, the dazzling São Paolo fashion week, as well as the annual gay pride parade which is the largest in the world.


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