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Located in the most eastern part of the Alps, Vienna is the largest city and capital of Austria, as well as its cultural, economic and political center. Having been ranked as the most livable city in the world, it is apparent that this city is a spectacular tourist destination. Vienna’s very diverse architecture is one of its most appealing characteristics: from Romanesque and Baroque, to modern architecture and Art Nouveau, the city reflects the complexity of its glorious past. Finally, it is important to highlight that Vienna is the last great capital of the 19th-century ball; hosting over two hundred balls every year, it is almost impossible to miss them while visiting.


Salzburg is located in the northern boundary of the Alps in Austria. It is renowned for its incredibly scenic setting right next to mountain Untersberg. Salzburg’s long and rich history is depicted by the very famous baroque style buildings that decorate it. It’s city center is supposed to be one of the most well preserved in the world, letting the visitors enjoy the captivating ambiance of another era. Salzburg also has a plethora of attractions to offer including many impeccable traditional buildings and museums. One of the most notable residents of Salzburg was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; among the attractions of the city are Mozart’s birthplace and residence.


Located in the Inn Valley in western Austria, Innsbruck literally means “the bridge over the Inn river”. Innsbruck's climate is characterized by very cold and snowy winters and relatively cool summers, with night temperatures being frigid throughout the whole year. It is not surprising that Innsbruck largest source of income is tourism, since it provides an incredible landscape in between the breathtaking Austrian Alps and a plethora of resorts to accommodate visitors of every taste. Innsbruck offers an impressive amount of slopes, numerous different winter sports that are possible even during the summer, as well as a great terrain for mountaineering. Finally one of the most important attractions of Innsbruck is the incredible downtown and its traditional picturesque Austrian buildings.


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