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Being Australia’s first city to be established, Sydney has now evolved to be the largest and most cosmopolitan city in the country. Located in the southeast coast of Australia, Sydney attracts annually more than eleven million visitors, who enjoy the city’s numerous attractions. Sydney’s iconic buildings: The Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge are among the most popular attractions of the city. Nevertheless Sydney has also a plethora of parks, museums and galleries. But sightseeing is not the most exciting thing this city has to offer: Sydney hosts a vast amount of cultural events and festivals that attract people from all over the world, it boasts some of the most famous and magnificent beaches and impresses with its very interesting and diverse architecture. Finally in Darling Harbour tourists will find various attractions during the day and a very vivid nightlife during the night.


Located in the Southeast shore of Australia, Melbourne is described by many as the cultural capital of the country. This statement is backed up by the numerous significant  cultural events that take place in Melbourne annually. With many live performances and festivals it is almost impossible for a visitor to miss the chance to discover the city’s cultural identity. Melbourne is also famous as one of the worlds most rich cities in street art. Among many other things the sport of Australian Rules Football was invented in Melbourne and currently is one of the most popular sports in the country, and the excuse for many Melburnians to go crazy. Finally it is important to highlight that apart from all this, Melbourne has a wide variety of very interesting attractions for tourists to visit, as well as a beautiful skyline combining contemporary and Victorian era Architecture.


Cairns is a small but rather cosmopolitan city located in the northwest coast of Australia and is a famous getaway to the Great Barrier Reef. Because of its location and its tropical climate Cairns attracts an impressive amount of foreign tourists, making it the fourth most popular tourist destination in Australia and setting tourism as its largest industry. Because of the fact that Cairns does not have a natural beach, people escape from the extensive heat by going for a swim in one of Cairns best known landmarks; the Esplanade Lagoon: A wonderful saltwater and shallow swimming pool that offers a safe and easy to access alternative to the not-so-appealing natural beaches located a bit outside the city. Tourist in the Cairns can enjoy a wide variety of activities, including whale watching, scuba diving, sailing, white water rafting, sky diving and many more.


As the capital of Western Australia, Perth has been dubbed to be the most isolated capital in the world; this is because the closest city with a population of more than a hundred thousand people, Adelaide, is over two thousand kilometers away. However this shouldn’t trick you into thinking that Perth is confining in any way, as it was ranked one of the top ten most livable cities in the world. Inside the city you can find stunning public parks that are incredible for a stroll or just for relaxing. Additionally Perth has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, easily accessible from the center. There are many more things to keep a visitor busy in the city, ranging from tremendous museums, stunning art galleries as well as marvelous music and performing art halls.


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