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Jamaica is an island country in the Caribbean Sea with a population of 2.8 million, fifth largest island in the Caribbean. The capital city of Kingston is the largest city on the island and is a commercial center and the seat of the Government.  Due to the island’s tropical climate tourists are very much attracted and especially   to the white-sand beaches. The north coast of the island has become the center of tourism with the main famous points being Montego Bay, Port Antonio. Some of the attractions are Dunn’s River Falls in St. Ann, YS Falls in St. Elizabeth, and the Blue Lagoon in Portland.

Punta Cana - Dominican Republic

Literally meaning “Point of the White Cane Palms”, Punta Cana is a touristic resort region located in the easternmost part of the Dominican Republic. Its 100 kilometer coastline faces both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, and has long been one of the largest tourist destinations in the world. Punta Cana’s incredible sandy beaches with their shallow waters offer a spectacular experience for every visitor; an experience that goes perfectly along its all-year-round remarkably hot weather. Last but not least golf enthusiasts are in for a treat since Punta Cana offers a plethora of golf courses, out of which some are among the best in the world.

Havana - Cuba

Havana is the largest city, the largest port and the capital of Cuba. Its tropical savanna climate maintains relatively high temperatures throughout the whole year, with a dry period of low rainfall being between November and April. Havana is a very popular tourist destination, attracting over a million tourists each year. Being famous for its incredibly diverse architecture, the city’s landscape is defined by buildings ranging from castles built in the 16th and other Colonial and Baroque structures, to Neoclassical, Art Deco and even modernist high-rises. Havana offers to visitors an extraordinary amount of landmarks and historical buildings, as long as many museums, parks, churches and fortresses.

San Juan - Puerto Rico

Being the capital and most populous city in Puerto Rico, San Juan is located in the northeast part of the country, overseeing the Atlantic Ocean. San Juan enjoys a tropical climate with very hot temperatures throughout the whole year. As on of the first cities in the New World to be established by the Europeans, San Juan’s architecture is greatly influenced by the Spanish: that is why of the most interesting parts of the city to visitors is Old San Juan, with its settled roads and colonial building. However architecture is not all San Juan has to offer; tourists can visit a plethora of different landmarks or have a swim at San Juan’s own beaches.

Nassau - Bahamas


Capital of the astounding Bahamas, Nassau is also the largest city of the islands accommodating 70% of their population. Nassau is characterized by the colorful old world and colonial architecture that is apparent throughout most of the city. Atlantis Resort in the close-by Paradise Island is one of the most impressive hotels in the world; themed as the lost civilization of Atlantis, it offers to visitors a truly unique and unforgettable experience. Finally Nassau’s hotel district, Cable Beach includes 5 enormous hotels, a plethora of restaurants, the famous Crystal Palace Casino, as well as its wonderful golden sand and crystal clear waters.

Negril - Jamaica


Negril is a small beach resort town in the westernmost part of the island of Jamaica. Surprising is the fact that the population is only about 3000 people, if you consider that Negril is famous for being one of the top ten beaches in the world. Another interesting fact is that the beach is known by many as the “7-mile beach”, commenting of course on its impressive length; however this famous shore is actually only a little over 4 miles long. Negril offers numerous hotels ranging from enormous all-inclusive resorts, to smaller family hotels, giving someone the chance to choose between fun and entertainment or peace and privacy.


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